We Are

The OrthoCatapult® team’s ultimate mission is to help orthodontists improve the lives of their communities while simultaneously growing their business. We believe that no individual should hide their smile from the world. Being embarrassed about one’s smile prevents so many from fully engaging with the world and reaching their potential personally and professionally. With this guiding purpose, our team, comprised of orthodontic and marketing industry professionals with decades of relevant experience, reimagined the optimal experience for both patients and practices. Using this vision, we started the development process of the ultimate system. After consulting with North America’s leading orthodontists, top-performing treatment coordinators, and the industry’s best practice managers over the course of several years, the OrthoCatapult system was born and a new gold standard was created for presenting orthodontic treatment to today’s consumers.

Change is the only Constant

We understand that the orthodontic industry has never experienced the rate of change or competitive pressure as we are currently experiencing. Whether it is the dramatic growth of Dental Service Organizations (DSOs), shrinking birth rates since the Great Recession, diminished return on investment with advertising efforts, millennials’ preference for limited office visits or at-home treatment, or patient extreme “shopping” habits, it is safe to say private orthodontic practices have never experienced a time where practice growth requires doing everything well in order to remain successful. The good news is OrthoCatapult was built specifically to help! By optimizing your team and systems, increasing your professional referrals, and helping to provide a superior patient buying experience, OrthoCatapult is a true partner for orthodontists looking to grow.

Currently, slightly less than 1% of our North American population start orthodontic treatment each year; while, approximately 75% of our population have a malocclusion. Allowing 74% of the population to go untreated is simply unacceptable especially when a majority of these potential patients would say ‘Yes’ if treatment could fit their financial and aesthetic requirements! With recent advancements in aligner technology and appliances, most cases can now be treated while minimizing patients’ aesthetic concerns. By understanding the consumer needs regarding ideal initial down payments and monthly payments, practices can leverage this information to differentiate their practice and allow more patients to say ‘Yes’ to treatment. The OrthoCatapult system not only makes this process seamless but often allows practices to increase profitability while doing so.

Customer Focus Level: Expert

The OrthoCapult system was built from the ground up with superior customer experience in mind for both patients and practices. The result has truly created a win-win situation in today’s orthodontic market for consumers and practices. We are committed to remaining the gold standard moving forward and will continue to adapt the OrthoCatapult system along with changing consumer behaviors and leading industry trends in the years to come.

Patient Experience

Until now, the orthodontic industry has never offered a streamlined, effective patient education process and customizable patient payment plan tool to help meet the specific needs of each family. Having experienced the previous orthodontic presentation standards for both education and financial payment options for years, we knew a better system could be created. Over a period of several years, with input from top-performing treatment and financial coordinators, we built a better mousetrap. By looking at the desired outcomes for patients, parents and practices with a fresh set of eyes and an understanding of cloud-based business solutions in other industries, OrthoAccept™ and OrthoGallery® were brought to life and the new gold standard is now available.

Practice Experience

After years of working in the orthodontic industry, the OrthoCatapult team understood a better solution was needed to improve close rate percentages and improve consultation efficiency.

While consultation efficiency was easier to address with technology available today; it still took extensive effort to develop the cloud-based solution to work perfectly in-office during new patient exams as well as at-home on any phone, tablet or computer for all pending patients. The combination of OrthoGallery and OrthoAccept has allowed doctors to reduce their required time in new patient exams as well as decrease the overall consultation time by 10-15 minutes for most practices. This time savings is a significant benefit for practices, especially those looking to grow and allow more consultations during the most desirable time slots.

Improving close rate percentages is a far more complex objective and requires improvements in almost every aspect of the new patient exam, practice management and patient follow-up. We are extremely proud of the comprehensive solution we have created that meets the objective, yet is still extremely user-friendly for treatment coordinators and practice managers. Trust us, making the OrthoCatapult system intuitive and user-friendly took a lot of work, but it was a top priority to make sure team members loved it from day one.