The ultimate orthodontic

case presentation system.


Helping More Patients Say “Yes” SCHEDULE DEMO

Patient Education v2.0

FACT: 83% of human learning is visual. OrthoGallery® allows you to show patients and parents similar cases, patient testimonials, and educational videos.

The Smartest Payment Calculator

Far more than the typical “slider”, OrthoCalculator® has unmatched capabilities and flexibilities; resulting in more patients saying “yes”.

DocuSign® eSignature Contracts

Going completely paperless is finally an option. 100% of OrthoCatapult patient contracts are signed online via the most trusted eSignature platform.

Accept Payments Anytime, Anywhere

Today’s busy consumers expect and demand convenience. Make down payments easy for your “pending” patients; let them pay online anywhere, anytime, on any device.


A few of the tools incorporated into our OrthoCatapult system:

The industry’s smartest, most effective payment calculator with sliders. In-office or at-home, your patients & parents (and TC) will love it! Allow patients & parents to build their ideal payment plan within your allowed parameters; both in-office or at-home.
A few additional highlights of OrthoCalculator®:

  • Extended Payment Options and Flexible Terms
  • Linked example case from your OrthoGallery®
  • DocuSign® Contracts with eSignatures:
    In-Office & At-Home
  • At-Home Acceptance of Down Payments

Help educate patients & parents with your own case finishes, associated educational videos, and patient testimonials: in-office,
 at-home, or at your referring dentists’ practices. OrthoGallery® is the premier cloud-based, customizable patient case gallery that orthodontists and patients have been waiting for. Here are a few highlights:

  • Superior patient education efficiency and effectiveness
  • Reduced required ‘doctor time’ in consultations
  • Improved at-home spousal education and case starts
  • Seamless integration with OrthoCalculator®
  • Increased professional referral stream

Easily track and optimize your team’s performance with OrthoAnalytics® real-time analytics. OrthoAnalytics uses your real-time data to create detailed reports on your practice’s sales-oriented key performance indicators (KPIs). Improve your overall practice results by uncovering and maximizing each team members’ strengths while also limiting the impact of their weaknesses. Receive automatic system notifications when performance drops below specific performance thresholds as well as guidance from OrthoCatapult’s skilled consultants. (Pro Plan Only)

Dramatically increase your new patient starts by improving pending patient follow-up with a few clicks of your mouse!
Here are a few key attributes of OrthoMessenger:

  • Includes a full series of professionally crafted, automated triggered messages that allow TCs to effortlessly engage pending patients and improve at-home starts.
  • Allows your Treatment Coordinator to complete all patient follow-up tasks in less than 5 minutes per day!
  • Communicates with patients via their preferred communication method – emails or texts.
  • Incorporated marketing campaigns to reignite interest in your previous non-start prospective patients.

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