Welcome to the orthodontic industry’s exclusive, fully customizable patient example case gallery – OrthoGallery®. For the first time ever, you can now effectively educate patients and parents with a digital, HIPAA compliant patient case gallery highlighting your previously treated patients’ before & after results, associated educational videos, and patient testimonials. OrthoGallery completely removes the need to fumble through a physical photo binder or expose yourself to potential HIPAA violations when TCs pull up patient photos and protected patient information via your practice management software.

"The unique combination of the patient gallery being seamlessly linked to the payment plan calculator makes OrthoCatapult stand out! Truly a phenomenal tool for TCs!"
Cathy Hazen - Practice Manager, Detroit, MI

Here are a few key attributes of OrthoGallery:

Superior Patient Education Efficiency (In-Office)
By using your customized OrthoGallery example case gallery, you will decrease the required doctor time and total time needed for patient education in every new patient exam. Please take a moment to read the previous sentence again keeping in mind how valuable doctor time and the total number of new patient exams are for your practice.
OrthoGallery allows you to more quickly find and showcase a specific malocclusion as well as your associated educational videos to explain complex orthodontic concepts and appliances more effectively and efficiently. Additionally, the ability to incorporate patient testimonials has proven to be a tipping point for many parents and patients when selecting an orthodontist.
Improved Patient Education Effectiveness (At-Home)
While OrthoGallery is tremendously valuable during new patient exams, it may be even more important for at-home spousal education for all your pending patients. Consider that 83% of what we learn is visual; yet, the industry currently tasks one parent with educating their spouse on all the information covered during the new patient exam with minimal understanding and inadequate support materials. That is a recipe for disaster. With OrthoGallery, the couple can now review the exact sample case, educational videos and patient testimonials you highlighted during the new patient exam from any phone, tablet or computer. It’s no wonder OrthoCatapult® practices experience over a 30% increase in pending starts within 6 months of using the system on average.
Improved Professional Referral Patient Education
OrthoCatapult® Pro subscribers also can use their customized OrthoGallery application to improve professional referral patient education and referral streams. Upon finalizing your customized OrthoGallery portfolio, the OrthoCatapult team will enable your customized OrthoGallery Referral Gallery which creates a unique URL for each of your professional referrals to allow them to access your gallery to educate their patients using all the same intuitive resources your patients have access to. Additionally, they can digitally refer the patient to your practice directly through the application!
DocuSign® Contracts with eSignatures: In-Office & At-Home
Today’s consumers expect secure, easy & convenient transactions. That is exactly why OrthoCatapult has partnered with DocuSign, the industry’s eSignature leader, for all patient contracts regardless if signed in-office or at-home. By seamlessly integrating your patient agreement into OrthoCatapult, the patient’s accepted treatment and payment plan details are instantaneously imported into a custom Docusign contract for them to sign. Additionally, the patient’s selected payment plan summary and a payment amortization addendum are both automatically added to each DocuSign contract so everything is perfectly clear.
A True Practice Differentiator
The combination of OrthoAccept™ & OrthoGallery has no equal when it comes to customer experience, efficiency, and effectiveness. Compared the current standard new patient experience, it’s not even a competition. In ten years, OrthoCatapult’s approach will be the norm, but the early adopters still have the ability to utilize this amazing system to differentiate themselves from their local competition before everyone catches on.
Linked example cases from your OrthoGallery® patient gallery
Improve the efficiency of patient education during your new patient exams by utilizing your linked OrthoGallery patient example case gallery to highlight the before & after photos of previously treated cases with similar malocclusions. How much more efficient is OrthoCatapult? Most OrthoCatapult users have been able to shave 5-10 minutes off their new patient exams due to the combination of OrthoAccept & OrthoGallery. Plus, OrthoGallery completely removes the need to fumble through a physical photo binder or expose yourself to potential HIPAA issues when TCs pull up patient photos from your practice management software!
Universal Functionality: Works on all browsers and screen resolutions
While we recommend TCs use an iPad Pro when presenting in-office, OrthoGallery, like OrthoAccept, is also optimized for all current internet browsers and screen resolutions so patients can easily view it from home regardless of which phone, tablet or laptop they view it from.