In the age of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI), it is clear that accurate and up-to-date information is essential to continuous improvement and growth for any company. Orthodontic practices are no different; however, obtaining relevant information regarding team member sales performance is impossible to find, until now! Introducing OrthoAnalytics®, a practice manager’s dream come true! With over 75 different analytics to view the practice’s performance and the ability to select specific timeframes and individual locations, OrthoAnalytics allows practice managers to review performance and make informed business decisions like never before using your real-time data.

"OrthoCatapult is the finest analytical tool on the market today for orthodontic practices. It not only gives you a minute-by-minute look at your practice but also shows you how you got here and where to make changes to do more."
- Joe Kenady - COO, Wentz Orthodontics, Lubbock, TX

Here are a few key attributes of OrthoAnalytics:

Optimize your team’s performance with OrthoAnalytics®
No longer make important practice decisions based on assumptions, gut feelings or simply guessing. With OrthoAnalytics’ real-time data, detailed reporting and customizable filters, it is easy to discover and maximize each team member’s strengths while also limiting the impact of their weaknesses. Additionally, OrthoAnalytics allows practice owners and managers to evaluate every Doctor/TC combination’s performance to leverage the pairs’ strengths when scheduling new patient exams with specific patient types. For example, the Doctor/TC combination of Dr. Smith & Susan may be the best performing combination for Adult-Male patients but Dr. Smith & Debra may be the best performing combination for Adult-Female patients. Leverage your team’s strengths to improve the practice’s overall performance with OrthoAnalytics!
OrthoAnalytics Performance Alerts: An Extra Set of Eyes on your Practice
All of us at OrthoCatapult® understand that it is hard to keep all the plates spinning in a busy orthodontic practice. In fact, that is why we have created the OrthoCatapult system! Keeping track of the daily, weekly, monthly key performance indicators for your practice is typically something that slides through the cracks when things get hectic. That is no longer a concern with OrthoAnalytics’ automated and customizable performance alerts. OrthoCatapult practice manager’s can set the alert system to notify them when certain performance indicators, such as cases starts, consultations, close rate percentage, etc., fall below a specific thresholds. For example, if the practice manager sets a performance alert for a 5 case drop in case starts for the month compared to the same month in the previous year, the system will automatically alert the practice manager if that threshold is exceeded at the end of the month. Additionally, OrthoCatapult Pro plan subscribers also have our team of consultants watching the numbers in the background and comparing them to the trends we see from similar practices in similar demographics. If your account is lagging behind the trends, the team will proactively reach out to your team to evaluate possible areas of improvement.
Peer to Peer Practice Comparisons
While understanding your practice and team members’ performance is vital to constant improvement, OrthoCatapult® also provides Peer Metrics for each practice location for OrthoCatapult Pro Plan subscribers. This information is invaluable when setting goals and making important business decisions. Each OrthoCatapult Pro Plan location, will receive detailed annual reports showing cumulative data averages and the 90th Percentile averages for peer practices with similar practice structures (e.g. Single Doctor/Single Locator) in similar demographics (e.g. $60,000-$64,999 Median Household Income). By segmenting the data, you are able to compare apples to apples. With insights from the averages for data points such as Close Rate %, Total Consultations, Minimum Down Payment Offered, Average Down Payment Selected, Average Monthly Payment Selected, Average Extended Months Selected, etc. for each patient group, treatment duration, treatment modality and patient risk category, you can easily compare your practice’s performance against your peers and make extremely informed decisions if change is needed. This data is unique to OrthoCatapult; no other system available has this type of data. We do not sell it to any outside organizations or individuals; it is only calculated for and shared with our OrthoCatapult Pro Plan subscribers. To most practices, this data alone is worth the annual subscription fee to OrthoCatapult.
OrthoCatapult is committed to building long-term, mutually rewarding relationships with all our customers and constantly improving along with our clients.