August 29, 2018 OrthoCatapult

Optimize Your Customer Experience

As the orthodontic industry becomes more competitive each year, it is crucial for every independent orthodontist to become an excellent business owner and leader in order for the practice to thrive let alone survive. Being a great clinician is no longer enough. Beating Dental Service Organizations (DSOs) and At-Home Treatments on price is simply not feasible; however, your premium price still needs to be affordable when it comes to down payments and monthly payment affordability. That said, you cannot charge a premium price without providing a premium experience. Unfortunately, many orthodontists do not understand what today’s consumers are looking for in an optimal experience. This post will highlight several key areas you need to evaluate when mapping your customers’ journey to make sure your fees and experience are in sync with one another.


    • Practice Website
      • Custom Content – Not Generic
      • Responsive Design for Mobile
      • Online scheduling
    • Social Media authentic engagement
    • Communications
      • Pre New Patient Exam (NPE)
        • NPE Appointment Summary & Online Health History Forms
        • NPE Appointment Reminder and Appointment Summary (Email)
        • Doctor Introductory Video Message (Text/Email)
      • Post NPE Follow-Up
        • New Patient Digital Welcome Kit (Sent to New Starts)
        • “Pending” Patient Follow-Up Campaigns (OrthoMessenger® is the GOAT at this)
      • Appointment Scheduling
    • In-Person Interactions
      • Appointments
        • Minimal Visits
        • Short Appointments
        • On Schedule – No Wait Times
        • Convenient Office Hours
      • Practice Atmosphere
        • Upscale Décor
        • Positive Energy
        • Technology On Display
          • Digital Scans & X-Rays
          • CBCT
        • Financial Plans (OrthoAccept™ is the perfect solution here)
          • Flexibility
          • Affordability
          • Convenience

While the list above is not exhaustive, it is adequate to help you kick off a Customer Journey Map exercise in your practice. Remember the goal is to exceed, not meet, customers’ expectations if you are a premium priced practice.

The OrthoCatapult® Team



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